Garden Glory-Potatoes

This week the kids and I harvested over 52 pounds of produce. Wow! I can’t believe how much wonderful success we’ve been having. Yummy stuff. There were also some failures. Gardening is like that and you learn something new every day!

Monday's harvest...

Monday’s harvest…

DSCN6837 (2)

DSCN6825 (2)
DSCN6823 (2)
DSCN6821 (3)
DSCN6819 (2)
DSCN6811 (2)
DSCN6810 (2)

We picked all of this today as well.

We picked all of this today as well.

So where is the failure? We finished harvesting the last of our potatoes and total harvested 9 pounds. Why is that failure? Because we planted 4 pounds. We would have been fine just eating the seeds and not going through all the trouble. I’m not sure why we can’t find success with potatoes. Our first year we got three tiny marbles, last year we planted two pounds and got four. I would think that we could grow more than double what we are planting. It’s really frustrating because store bought potatoes make me violently ill because of the formaldehyde that is sprayed on them to keep them from sprouting, so I really look forward to the day when I can grow my own for storage.

Another area we had trouble with was our corn. We picked around 45 ears that were full of kernels, but then we got a lot of ears like this:
DSCN6830 (2)
Nothing was eating these, they just didn’t form kernels. I did some asking around on the internet and found out that each silk hair is attached to a kernel and when it gets pollinated, the kernel forms. Corn is not pollinated with bees and butterflies, it is pollinated by the wind. So the tassels on the top of the corn have the pollen and the wind blows it to the silks. Very interesting. You can shake your corn or brush through it with your hand each day during pollen production to help the corn pollinate. We have planted another crop of corn and will be trying to help with pollination this time. Like I said, you learn something in the garden every day. Also, our ears were very small and I’m not sure why that happened either, but I would take small if they had some corn on them. Sheesh!

What have you been picking and learning?



  1. I did not knuow that abot corn! Cool. Good info.
    Our potato harvests have been sketchy too, and my husband teases me about it, saying it’s better just to buy cheap spuds at the store. LOL But I am determined to crack the code!! haha
    Love all these photos. What a wonderful experience you’re giving those little kids. xoxo

  2. Wow — that’s a great haul, even if it isn’t as many potatoes as you might like. We tried growing potatoes last year and only got a handful, but they were the best potatoes we’ve ever eaten!

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