This is my view as I sit quietly in the garden. What do you see?
I can hear birds chirping, and crickets cricketing, and the neighbors down the street neighboring. A light cool breeze tickles by me. I see all kinds of nature doing its job in this garden. I know there are different life cycles underground and above working tirelessly to create life. Today while doing some garden chores I discovered a swarm of cute little lady bugs scurrying in a playful party. I also saw spiders and beetles and bugs of all kinds. And BEES, lots of buzzy fat bees bumbling around to pollinate our produce and mind their own business. I used to be so scared of bees, but I’ve worked right alongside them in this garden with no bother from them. I see nutrients growing to nourish my babies and make their taste buds dance.
As I looked at the corn I thought about the times we’ve picked corn and ate the whole harvest in one lunch. I smile when I think about the two kids that ate most of it. And I thought about the advice from a little farmer I play with to not pick the corn until the thingy on the top falls completely off and wondered if he was right and I’m crazy or if he really doesn’t know.
I thought about the kid’s excitement when we picked our first Brussel sprout plant last week because it was so big and pretty and then I remembered tasting the sprouts after I cooked them and thinking it was amazing that we grew that ourselves.
Then I saw that plastic gorilla laying there and thought about the one who doesn’t get into the garden chores as much as the others. He loves those animals and spends his time in the garden pretending that gorilla is in a jungle.
I wonder if any birds will ever make nests in those bird houses and I think my hummingbird feeder needs to be filled. And the sunflowers, I’m amazed at their majesty as their heads droop over from the sheer mass of the seeds bursting forth from their centers. I wonder if we’ll eat them or feed them to the birds. I wonder if the kids will like them.
I think about all the weeds we’ve relentlessly picked and wonder how that wild blackberry could still be sneaking up the side of my windmill. It seems like we’ve picked so many weeds there couldn’t possibly be any left, but unfortunately there are many. I think about the value of the vegetables in this garden not only monetarily but for our health and I am in awe of God’s goodness.
I’m amazed that we are blessed with this magnificent garden. Sometimes It’s hard to believe it is real. How real it is indeed…

What do you see in your garden?



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