Why Buy Local?

When making your household purchases, it’s important to try to think of how you could buy it locally first. Why? Because locally owned businesses keep money in the community and feed money into the local tax base. Why should we care? Because our community is where we live, drive, eat, and our children attend school. Want better roads? Shop local. Want better schools? Support your community. Want more choices? Keep your dollars in town. The character of your community is affected by the local businesses and that can effect property and home values as well. Every dollar you spend with a locally owned business can help improve the quality of life in your community for you as well as your neighbors.
Local businesses donate more to local charities then non local businesses do. This improves the quality of life for everyone in the community as well. Shopping locally helps the environment. Buying in town instead of driving to another community means less traffic and pollution. You save as well. Local businesses are more likely to care about customer service. That’s a great advantage. Seeing business owners face to face changes the way they seek to provide service. Local business owners care more about the community’s welfare and future and tend to make more business decisions based on that. Local businesses provide more jobs for people nationwide than large corporations. Diversity in businesses leads to more consumer choices as well.
Every dollar you spend is a vote for what you want to see available for purchase. Local businesses respond more quickly and are more interested in the customer’s values and desires. Each small local business represents local citizens who are trying to make a living.
We live in small town Oklahoma and getting the goods and services we need is sometimes tough in a situation like that. I’ve been interested in buying organic for 15 years but am only recently seeing those products become more readily available for purchase here. Even now, there is much more healthy food I would love to see available. But I have managed to find sources for quite a few things that I need in order to live the lifestyle I want.

The Farmer’s Market is a great place to source natural soaps and body products, homemade bakery items, locally grown fruits, vegetables, and honey, handmade birdhouses and other wooden creations, beautiful locally grown flowers, and other items made in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Food Co-op is a producer to customer group that brings farmers and makers together with the people who want the food they make. Free range, grass fed, cruelty free meats, non GMO fruits, vegetables and grains, chemical free bakery items, side dishes, and canned and frozen foods are available as well as household products. Customers pick up their items once a month at a designated place.

The local health food store is a source for high quality vitamins, some meats, vegetables, and other products.

We have a fruit store locally that sells fresh fruits and vegetables along with some Amish made products, canned goods, and local honey. Not all of the products are local, but they buy local whenever it’s available.

Check with your local factories and see if they sell products they produce right there in your town. In our community, we have a factory that makes syrup and other condiments that we can buy direct from.

Local bake shops and restaurants produce food for purchase in the community. And local farmers and farm stands have produce, plants, and other products available. Check in the phone book and newspaper to find places you can locally source those things.

Buying local helps make sure that every dollar you spend counts towards a better future for your community. Think about it, it’s good for everyone.



  1. Yay for local! It sounds like you have lots of great local resources where you live. I am getting much better at shopping local than I was a few years ago. I’ve recently started buying my pet supplies from a local, independent store too (or my vet). Petco might cost a bit less, but I prefer to keep my money in my community. And I love buying from my local farmers directly at the farmer’s market. They need our support!

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