Sometimes My Kids Make Me Cry…

Some days in childcare are better than others. If you have ever worked with kids, I’m sure you can relate. There are days when the kids leave and I burst into tears because the day was so hard. And there are days I feel like the luckiest person in the world. Yesterday, the first child who came in the door burst into uncontrollable tears and told their dad they didn’t want to be here. Later that morning we found out we were featured in a magazine. It had its ups and downs like most days.
I put the kids down for nap and the big kids were resting until the little ones fell asleep. I came into my room to proof the blog post I had written before the kids came. I found a piece of paper sitting on my desk. It was folded in half. The outside read, “read Cristina only”…
I opened it up and what I read left me in a puddle of tears….
Little Sprouts day care started with a couple kids. Then their was more and more kids. Their was a lot of things to do. Like playing outside, gardening, activities, and movies. But the best thing I like to do is be around Cristina. Why because she teaches me things. But the best thing she teaches me is to be a better person in my life. She always teaches me how to cook. She is the best cook I know. But the best thing I like about her is she tryes to be herself. And she does. I don’t care what other people think about her. But what I know is she is the best daycare person ever. All the kids that go to her daycare thinks so to. And we owe her a lot. I bet the kids broke a lot of stuff. It will probly cost 50$ to replace the things kids broke. She is always their when you need her. Thanks for being the best daycare person ever.

I have no words….



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