Keeping Planting Times Straight

I always have a hard time sorting out all of the times for when to grow what, so I made a chart to help. I used information from the OSU extension website and combined it with information from several books and websites until I came up with a range of times I could plant things in my zone, 7a.
The chart is set with the date noted as the first date when planting should be okay. Some years are warmer or colder so the dates won’t be an exact fit, but these are basic guidelines on when to start planting. Most plants can be planted up to a month after the noted date.
I indicates that seeds can be planted in trays indoors, and O indicates that seeds can be planted outdoors. While this chart won’t work for other zones, I hope that I can help someone in my area to keep their dates straight. It has helped me tremendously this year!

Seeds-I Broccoli
Seeds-I Cabbage
Seeds-I Cauliflower

Seeds-I Pepper
Seeds-I Tomato
Seeds-O Carrot
Seeds-O Chard
Seeds-O Kale
Seeds-O Kohlrabi
Seeds-O Lettuce
Sets-O Onion
Seeds-O Peas
Seeds-O Potato
Seeds-O Spinach
Plants Cabbage
Plants Cauliflower
Seeds-I Eggplant
Seeds-I Herbs
Seeds-I Flowers

Crowns Asparagus
Plants Broccoli
Seeds-O Radish
Slips Sweet Potato

Seeds-O Beans
Seeds-O Cucumber
Seeds-O Okra
Seeds-O Pumpkin
Seeds-O Summer Squash
Seeds-O Corn
Seeds-O Flowers
Plants Eggplant
Plants Pepper
Plants Tomato
Plants Herbs
Plants Flowers

Seeds Cantaloupe
Seeds Winter Squash
Seeds Watermelon
Slips Sweet Potato
Seeds-I Broccoli
Seeds-I Brussell Sprouts
Seeds-I Carrots

Seeds-I Cabbage
Seeds-I Cauliflower
Seeds-I Peas
Seeds-I Radishes
Seeds-I Spinach
Seeds-I Chard
Seeds-I Lettuce

Plants Broccoli
Plants Brussell Sprouts
Plants Carrots
Seeds-I Kale
Seeds-I Kohlrabi

Seeds-O Potato
Plants Cabbage
Plants Cauliflower
Plants Lettuce
Plants Peas
Plants Radish
Plants Chard

Sets Onions
Plants Spinach

Bulbs Garlic


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