Why I do Childcare

Every child deserves a great place to be. That’s why I have kept teaching kids for over 19 years. I firmly believe that if we are going to take care of children, we should give it our 110%. There is nothing more important than how a provider spends their day. Now some days my 110% is not that great, and some days I knock it out of the park. I am human, I am not claiming to be perfect. I make mistakes, I make parents mad, and I do things that are annoying. But I know that the parents who bring their kids to me are bringing me the most precious thing in their life. They are not leaving their really great kids at home and bringing me their second string. These children are their family’s most precious resource, and they are our world’s most precious resource. So the value of what providers do is immeasurable!
When I set out to start my day, I remind myself to give lots of smiles, hugs, and eye contact. I put on a positive attitude and get ready to face the day. This job is HARD! It’s messy, super long hours, and exhausting for very little monetary gain. But it’s not money that makes the job. It’s seeing that teenager that you kept years before and seeing their eyes light up when they meet yours. It’s being able to make a hard day a little better for a precious little one, or helping a child accomplish something they’ve been trying to do like taking first steps, mastering the potty, getting their own shoes on, or learning to pump their legs and make the swing go. It’s seeing a child’s face as they discover and explore the wonders of nature. It’s teaching them how to plant a seed the right way and watching kids even as young as one be able to do it on their own with just a few words of advice. Then watching their awe and wonder as that seed germinates. It’s seeing them taste a fresh picked fruit or vegetable for the first time that they grew themselves. It’s teaching them to wash and prepare food for their own meals and seeing the pride on their faces. It’s knowing that they trust you and can come to you for help. It’s teaching them the skills they need to succeed when they leave you, like math, science, reading, and especially social skills that they will need to survive in our world. We are teaching by example, so we need to choose our words and actions carefully. Kids need to know that it’s okay not to be perfect and they need to know that there is good in them.
I love what I do and I can’t imagine doing anything else with my time. In 1995 when my husband and daughter and I moved to town, we didn’t know a soul. So I decided to stay home with our daughter. A few months later the neighbor asked me to watch her baby boy while she went to her new job. After a few days I realized that what he did at my house all day was super important. So I bought some books and did some studying about how I could be a great child care provider. I put my business plans in place and got a state license. As I got a few more kids, I started to work on my CDA (Child Development Associate) so I could understand how to be the best provider that I could be. By the way it made me a better mother too. And here I am today, still doing it because I love it so much. I have kept over 70 kids and each one holds a special place in my heart. But it all started with one baby boy and a calling by God to be my own unique kind of provider. The truth is, the kids are the gift to me. They have taught me and changed me and made me a better person.


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